About us Through the street drunk
Le Van Huu is a famous street in Hanoi. Last street intersection passage York have cut with famous specialties that whether you elsewhere to Hanoi and just go through alone realized. It's very sexy fragrance, Date Date of Coffee. If you are an addict, go through here scent that makes you crave just the thing to enjoy constant waves brown water was black. And if you do not know where the hunger drink anymore, I guarantee you will feel intoxicated indescribable.
          Store Cafe Mai, 96 Le Van Huu - Hanoi opened in 1936 with traditional techniques and processing methods of France has made a reputation for himself both at home and abroad. Customers come here usually drink connoisseurs. Cafe Mai has many prices. These customers will not pay any attention to this problem which mainly "liking" their drink. People like the taste Cafe Buon Me Thuat, people prefer drinking Arabica or Moka, Aliculi Daklak. The salesman said there are many different kinds of coffee, but the most important thing to ensuring that the 1 cup of good coffee is to "happy", ie taking on the bitter, sweet soft drink is finished, the stalk where mesh.
A good coffee package is interesting gift for relatives and friends on holidays. Someone in the distance, sitting in front of Mai fragrant cup of coffee really can not think about the inevitable heart crossroads where two streets perfumed cut them makes people drunk, people remember Le Van Huu Street with coffee flavor ecstatic and Nguyen Du street with "passionate floral fix".